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Is Jeremy Doss Super Late Models Future? - California Kid Podcast

The podcast features a chat with Jeremy Doss, a super late-model racer from California. He discusses his racing background, starting at a young age with dirt-outlawed carts and progressing through various racing series. Doss talks about his experiences racing in different leagues and the challenges of transitioning between the East and West Coasts' racing styles. He reflects on the 2023 season, mentioning both successes and disappointments, highlighting wins and a Blizzard Series Championship but also mentioning tough moments at certain races like Nashville and the Derby. The conversation touches on his team setup, including Cody Glick and Bruce, discussing their roles and the dynamics within the team. Doss also comments on the technicalities of racing, the challenges of different tracks, tire issues, and the impact of rule differences among racing series. Additionally, Doss talks about some personal insights, like his initial interest in BMX bikes before entering racing, and recalls memorable moments from his racing career, particularly a significant win in Vegas after a previous close loss. The conversation concludes by discussing the future of short-track racing, highlighting the exciting schedule for 2024, mentioning the need for collaboration between racing series, and touching on the packed schedule in June with multiple races across different tracks in a short span.

Watch the video here:


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