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Short Track Racing's Original G.O.A.T. on Dirt and Asphalt Jeff Purvis Podcast - "BS-ing with Bubba" (VIDEO)

Snowball Derby winner, 3-time All-American winner, and 3-time World 100 winner.

Jeff Purvis’ start in racing, race track beginnings. 

Does Jeff Purvis keep up with the Dirt SLM world?

Did you race asphalt and dirt during the same weekends? 

What motivated Jeff Purvis to drive SLM on asphalt? 

What is your day-to-day life for Jeff Purvis?

Bubba and Jeff talk about their common ground of family business.

Jeff Purvis’ connection to Senoia Raceway.

First short track driver to win a million dollars. 

How James Finch and Jeff Purvis partnered up to race together. 

All American 400 Race winning was revoked, and the outcome.

The best wins are the unexpected wins.

Sport Action Films and Bubba Pollard

Executive Producer: Ty Porter

Stat Boy: Elgin Traylor

Stat Man, this episode: Mark Buckner

Watch Here:


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